Keeping Hospitality Staff Informed, Updated, Motivated in COVID Times

Sujatha Ramesh
3 min readJun 30, 2021



I hope you’re doing well in these strange times.

With all the changes to the hospitality sector, keeping your staff and service workers updated, informed, motivated and educated is probably playing on your mind.

I am sure you have the necessary content for it — videos, how-to, brochures of your hotel’s facilities, information about new offers/privileged visitor programmes, “voice of the employee”, COVID protocol ppt decks and so on.

The question I have is, how are you disseminating it to your staff? Some hoteliers are unable to do enough on-the-ground training due to restrictions on occupancy, staff density permitted etc. Yet others are facing major churns in their payroll. Orienting new staff and bringing them up to date is an ongoing challenge. On top of all of this are the changed SOPs and COVID protocols that everyone through the chain needs to be absolutely thorough with.

Sure, there is no substitute for hands-on training and continual governance and correction. But, some of the content dissemination can be done offline, and over a period of time. For instance, one-page reminders of hand-washing safety rules, short video clips showing an excellent staff member doing the right thing, an audio podcast where the manager of a member hotel from a different location shares his experiences etc. are new ways to keep employees engaged, educated and motivated.

My question then is: how are you disseminating it to your staff? In fact, why limit the communication to only staff? The need of the hour is to reassure guests. How are you reaching information about your best programs and properties to your valued customers?

What will it take to fill up these decks again?

In short: How is the right content reaching the right people at the right time?

If it is via LMS-es or Google Drive or SharePoint or some such solution, those aren’t the best experience for your administrators or the end users. If it is a mix of platforms like YouTube and Google Drive and Vimeo — I ask, why struggle so much managing so many places?

I have a much better idea for you.

Wouldn’t you rather that your end users’ content experience looked like this, instead of an uninspiring screen full of links?

Every type of content distributed through the same platform. Simply. Securely. Joyfully.

Go over to for an easy-peasy way (“as easy as 1–2–3”) to get your content in the hands of your target audience. It is simple, and secure. It is literally a 3 step process that gets you going in 5 minutes!

  1. Add content
  2. Add users (target audience for your content)
  3. Share content with users

I told you! As easy as 1–2–3!

Give it a try — it is free. :)

Or let’s have a conversation. Do write back to me at . I’d love to show you a plethora of possibilities.


Love Content. Share Content.

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